About Me

Sal Catalano is an artist/illustrator/educator.

He works in all forms of visual communication. He has illustrated everything from postage stamps to billboards.

His work is in many private and corporate collections.

He is an educator at the college level, teaching in New York City and Florence Italy.

The United Nations     U.S. Government Department of The Interior
National Audubon Society     ABC     CBS     NBC
American Museum of Natural History     Smithsonian Institution
N.Y. Zoological Society     Merck     Ciba-Geigy     Lederle
Johnson & Johnson     Pfizer     Bayer     Roche     GlaxoSmithKline     Wyeth
Alcon     Baxter     Coca Cola     Pepsi Cola     Seagrams     Sears Corp.
Burger King     General Foods     Sony     Panasonic     Citibank
United Artists     Scholastic     Harper-Collins     Bantam-Doubleday-Dell
MacMillan     DuPont     Exxon     State of New Jersey
Children’s Television Workshop     McGraw-Hill

Audobon     Reader’s Digest     Natural History     The New York Times
The New Yorker     National Wildlife     Ranger Rick     Field & Stream
Redbook     & More than Thirty Books for Children